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Sell your house privately in New Zealand – the book.

Over at 200 Square we help people sell their house by using the latest internet tools, and avoiding expensive print and high agent overheads like fancy offices. Our licensed real estate agents  to the wheeling and dealing for clients, and are very … Continue reading

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Time to change: Another Fatality at Lyttelton, Port of Christchurch

On January 6th 2014 I asked When will the next fatality happen at Lyttelton, Port of Christchurch?, after a near miss gave clear evidence that the Port’s safety systems were not in control. It was a prediction that was almost … Continue reading

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The comics of climate change

  XKCD elegantly sums up what we are facing:     We really don’t know what that question mark will be, but it’s going to be scary. It won’t be this scary: But it’s pretty clear that the implications for … Continue reading

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How do we solve the Gender Gap?

The #YesAllWoman Twitter stream is the latest voice about the serious issue of the gender gap. There is a lot of coverage elsewhere, but for my part I want to try to summarise what the #YesAllWomen Twitter stream is saying, then ask ourselves, as … Continue reading

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Signing customers – learning from Optimizely’s website

Optimizely are in the business of helping people improve their websites so they can sign up more customers or achieve other desired results. They just raised US$57 million, on the back of US$28 million last year, and are growing very quickly. So … Continue reading

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Do Oxfam, Amnesty and World Vision support petrol consumption?

Some unsolicited email spam (not to me) from Littlelot, who replace your Android or PC wallpaper with advertisements: Aside from the problems of this email being unsolicited, they also have a problem of giving away gasoline. This seems out of … Continue reading

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Should anyone else adopt the Internet Party policies?

The Internet Party‘s website just launched, but sadly for them this is what happened when I tried to play on the video at the top of the site: I tried a bit later and had a different sort of error … Continue reading

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