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Punakaiki Fund and Snowball Effect

22 May 2015 Punakaiki Fund will soon be presenting an offer through the Snowball Effect platform. We are pleased to announce that we have selected Snowball Effect to present our fund raising offer to members of the public. Equity crowdfunding … Continue reading

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When will electric cars take over?

I’ve been browsing a number of transport presentations from 2015 IPENZ Conference, which was held on 24 March. One, from Andrew Jackson from the Ministry of Transport has the following chart, as an example model of Electric Vehicle uptake. I’ve previously done my own … Continue reading

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Thanks for no insurance Air NZ (really)

It’s excellent to see that Air NZ has removed the default opt-in for travel insurance with their website sell process.  They have replaced the opt-in with the big orange button below. I’ve tested the process and there is no need … Continue reading

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“Arrives late for flight, if known”

It’s not rated as secret, but the Transportation Security Agency behavioural observation checklist and form for detecting possible terrorists has been disseminated on the web. Unfortunately the checklist contains a large number of factors that are arguably simply normal behaviour when … Continue reading

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Air New Zealand challenges loyal customers to move elsewhere

Yesterday Air New Zealand suddenly changed their credit card loyalty program, switching from BNZ to Westpac. There are, apparently, “probably over 100,000” customers affected. And I’m one of them. It’s a privilege It’s a privilege to have Air New Zealand as … Continue reading

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Join us for the Agribusiness Investment Showcase

NZTE’s Better by Capital team is helping 9 companies prepare for this investor event on 12 March in Palmerston North, just before the Central Districts Field Day in Fielding. The nine (at the moment) Agri-Tech companies are impressive, ranging from … Continue reading

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Punakaiki Fund invests in Onceit

We are delighted to announce that Punakaiki Fund has invested into Onceit, for a holding of a little over 15%. Onceit sells high end New Zealand designer fashion at insider prices. Onceit is well known to many, especially in their primary target market … Continue reading

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