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Shipbuktu alpha-launched today. The site is still in test, but the back-end logistics are set. essentially. I’m involved on an unconfirmed sem-official basis.
Shipbuktu gives Kiwis a USA address, so you can shop the internet USA style. Amazon electronics, Gap clothing, and everything from telescopes to car parts are finally  available to us here. Believe me – it’s been hard living here without the ability to get hte latest Apple gear, clothes off the rack that fit or books delivered the next day. This site will help, and along the way render Ferrit a bit of damage.

The only catch is that some sites require a US addressed credit card. Try using an APO address in the meantime, and we’ll keep working on the credit card thing.

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  1. Six days after USPS delivered the good to my Shipbuktu Carson, USA address there is still no shipment item on their web site. I sent an email to Shipbuktu, no reply. I phone USA phone number of Shipbuktu, but only a answer machine.
    This was a test to see if Shipbuktu was working and it obvously isn’t working for me.
    Luckely I ordered the goods via Amazon with their A-Z garantee, so I can always get a refund.


  2. Shipbuktu responds to all emails and voicemails. There have been some emails being stripped by ISPs because of the ‘shopmore’ address we use but we are always vigilent about responding to voice mails and can state catagorically we have responded to 100% of voice mails by return telephone call within 24 hours.

    We also follow up all items that customers tell us about, including items where it appears we’ve not receipted them. This can require a physical search of our (large) facility in LA, something we’re happy to do. Our values encompass treating our customer’s items as being “in our care” and it means we’ll do whatever it takes to solve a problem.

    John, thanks for calling us when you didn’t get a response to your email. Without customers like you telling us about things not working, we’ll never know that it’s not quite right. feedback is our lifeblood and all of us at Shipbuktu actually want to get it right.


  3. I’ve had pretty much exactly the same result as John. I must the service seems painfully slow and I’m rather worried that my goods have been lost entirely. I’ve called the US facility numerous times; an answer-phone message is all I’ve been able to get thus far. One of my items got there on the June 1st and still nothing appears in my control panel selection.

    Very frustrated and would like a result here.


  4. Hi
    I am surprised to read the comments from VKO. My experience is very different. I had a delay in my first shipment caused by the supplier (a motor parts company) not putting the correct details on the package. It is a simple enough thing, you’d think, but the supplier misspelled my name, and left the department number off.
    This meant that the package was delivered to Shipbuktu, but they couldn’t work out who it was for.
    I was impressed to get a call from the Shipbuktu office checking if it was my package (they’d guessed it by checking through the database) and luckily found me at home.
    Once identified, the package was in my hands four days later. Since then I’ve had two more packages arrive correctly and ontime.
    Just to try and ensure the adress problem doesn’t happen again, if the company’s address panel has a “notes or comments” area, I always put “please state department number on shipment”.
    I must say that I like the Shipbuktu service – it has helped me save heaps on my car parts and I hope it continues to get more efficient.


  5. Interesting reading the feedback on this blog, especially from John and VKO. I’ve got to say that I have had nothing but success from these guys at ShipBukTu, emails from Shipbuktu Customer Care on my sometimes ‘stupid’ queries were a little slow but were answered within a day.

    My experience is I have shipped approx 5 items now and as per Dane’s comments, the first package i recieved was incorrectly addressed by the sender off ebay and was delayed by about 1 week while i emailed and they pieced things together.

    I say, good on these guys for getting us kiwis a better deal, lets not rubbish a local company providing an awesome service!!!!!



  6. I don’t think anyone’s trying to rubbish the company and I agree that the service is a great idea. I’d like to say that I have had little success resolving my issues but have been given assurances that the issue will be attended to and after reading the positive commentary above feel better about the possibility of a positive outcome.


  7. Help
    I have had an item delivered to Shipbuktu, confirmed by Fed Ex on Monday at 8am. I have heard nothing from them, despite sendsing numerous emails and leaving phone messages. I see others have had issues with this service. Did they ever get resolved? I am getting anxious that this site is a con. Would love to know more from those who have had problems with contacting these guys and whether the issues ever got resolved.

    Also if anyone has contact details of the directors please let me know.


  8. Jo, it can take up to a week for the item to show in your control panel. It seems to be variable, I’ve had items that have been delivered to my Shipbuktu address on the same day show up a week apart on my control panel. It is a little unnerving I know but I’m sure your item will appear.

    One of the ongoing issues I feel that needs to be addressed with Shipbuktu is the response time in regards to responding to emails. I currently have an issue with pricing/weight of some items. After an assurance that the matter would be sorted in a day or so I’ve waited almost a week with no solution offered. Have sent a couple of emails this week Shipbuktu customer care, one requesting tracking information on a package that should have arrived, with no reply whatsoever.

    So you’re not alone Jo. On a more positive note it does seem that most issues do tend to be resolved, it’s just a shame that there can be quite a struggle in the process.


  9. Thanks guys. I managed to get a phone number of one of the principals through a company office search. Will wait and see what happens next It is the lack of response that seems to be the big thing for me. If only I had a proactive response – even if it was to say – there is a problem and we are on to it, I would feel a whole lot better.

    I appreciate your prompt response to my queries on line though. perhaps we should pitch in and send them on a customer care course! Great ideas should not be let down in such a simple way.

    Will let you know when I get the item!


  10. Yes, I think that the customer service does need some attention. Most of the time they don’t seem to bother replying at all, which makes it very frustrating should you have an issue (or in my case several issues) that need/s attending to.


  11. Hey Jo, could you email me the details regarding the phone number? Having unresolved difficulties, seems that contacting someone higher up might be the only way to go.

    G O T H I C M E R M A I D at H O T M A I L . C O M


  12. It seems the customer service is pretty much dead, haven’t received a reply in over a week although I’ve sent numerous emails. Lance I wonder would you be kind enough to pass my issues regarding a request for tracking information and incorrect volumetric weight on to one of the principals?


  13. I have had a similar problem and can get no reply whatsoever. The track & trace on my item confirms it was delivered on 12 September and I have received one reply saying they would search the DHL building next door!! I have sent several e-mails and left 3-4 voice mail messages and still no reply!! I cannot believe the service can be that bad!! My first item was delivered perfectly but this one has turned into a nightmare and seems I have to kiss goodbye to NZD$500!!! Is there actually anyway to get in contact with someone from Shipbuktu????


  14. Thank you Lance – much appreciated – I was very happy with the promptness of my first sending but this has gone beyone a joke and has obviously made me very nervous. I can be contacted on 027 693 9941.


  15. Hi

    Can anyone help me with contact details for these people at shipbuktu. I can’t get any contacts and I have no idea where my parcel is. I am very worried I won’t get it. Any contact details would be much appreciated.



  16. Lance

    Thanks for sending my concerns on. They have been in touch and offered an assurance that things would be looked into. Nothing has been resolved/done as yet however, but it’s nice to have some communication finally.


  17. To everyone who has posted here and who has had problems with communication at Shipbuktu.

    I have read your posts and having looked into the situation further, I can see that we’ve not been doing a good job in dealing with the exceptions in the delivery management process.

    I can see that we’ve been slow responding to emails (we have had spam issues but that does not explain every delay) and it is apparent that we have a shipping process issue for about a dozen items that have not been enetered into the inbox. Some of these are not labelled correctly and some items were delivered to a loading dock adjacent to ours in Carson, CA. But we appear to have a process problem with NZ Post as well which they need to address ASAP.

    I am working on the issue. I appreciate that we’ve been so slow responding that some of you must wonder about whether or not we are the real deal or whether or not we care. I promise that we are the real deal and we do care!!

    The situation is made worse by a lack of response from NZ Post to whom we contract our delivery services. I have escalated this to the top levels of NZ Post today and we have a promise of answers by tommorow at the latest.

    Lastly, we’ll credit all customers affected by this issue for their freight costs. We will not have lost the items so you’ll get them. About a dozen customers out of a thousand or so are affected.

    I also know that this is cold comfort until we deliver all items as promised.

    I apologise unreservedly to those customers who gave us their trust and support and we let them down. I hope we can regain that trust by addressing this issue, getting items to customers and then making a make good offer to convince those affected to give us a go again.

    Naturally, all this information is gold to a new competitor but I thought it was better to be transparent to everyone here. Perhaps it will serve as a warning to new entrants that the process of managing shipments as agent for customers is not as easy as it looks on the surface. We’ve had a couple of years at this and we have still experienced the last few weeks of problems!!


    Paul Ryan
    Shipbuktu Limited
    skype phone: kiwicobber


  18. Hi

    Any update on if the issues have been resolved? I have registered for Shipbuktu. Its a fanatastic idea and could be a great service but I am apprehensive about using it at the moment. Come on, anyone with good or bad experiences update the rest of us who are watching and wanting to send thru Shipbuktu.


  19. It doesnt appear that the problems have been resolved. The tracking on my package shows that it was delivered 2 shipbuktu 1 week ago and I have not had any notification from shipbuktu that it is there, nor has there been any reply 2 my email questioning the delivery of my package.

    I have used shipbuktu before with no problems, but I dont think I will again if this is the sort of service they are now providing!


  20. Well it still doesn’t look like things have been resolved. I’ve been a member of Shipbuktu since the early days and have shipped about 5 items in total to date. The first 2 went without a hitch and were here within the week. Unfortunately from there it was all down hill. Some of the issues I have experienced to date have been: – – No response (I know they’ve had filtering issues), but it is still taking over a week for someone to reply to an email if at all.
    – Single items such as a shoe box or a single piece of clothing working about to be about a cubic meter by volumetric weight where the cost is in the hundreds of dollars.
    – Their shipping calculator still doesn’t seem to work using Firefox (scripts etc allowed).
    – The last 2 items have taken MONTHS to arrive
    – The final item arrived at Shipbuktu about 6 weeks ago and appears to be “lost” from the very sketchy emails I have received to date.

    All in all very disappointing as they showed such great potential at the start. I would have used the service 10 times as much by now but am obviously now reluctant. They can forget Christmas – I want my stuff this year!


  21. I was one of the people with items that went wildly astray in September but I am very happy now and have used them once, without a hitch since. The original items finally got here and they cost me nothing. Shipbuktu paid for the goods in full. So while the delays are not great, at the end of the day Paul Ryan seems determined to provide a service and in my experience has fixed things when they have gone wrong. I was in contact with both NZ Post and Shipbuktu and it was clear to me that it was NZ Post that was the problem. I am still waiting on one parcel to arrive that got mislaid but amd assured it’ll be here any day.

    Shipbuktu remains a great concept and I firmly believe that when NZ Post sorts out their side of the bargin it will work like clockwork again.

    I also understand they are setting up an 0800 number and problem resolution processes. For my 2 cents worth – I’d say stick in there. Don’t give up on a great idea because it is having a few technical difficulties. I am back to recommending the site to friends and will be using it again in the New Year.


  22. A good series of posts that goes some way to reassuring a new Shipbuktu user.

    Most of the customer service issues are still happening with poor/no response to emails and delays logging parcels (4 business days in my case).

    In addition there seems to be no track and trace facility for parcels once they have been shipped. There is a request to email customer service staff (yeah right) to get a tracking number.

    Great idea, nice looking website but little substance underneath. Paul and co need to manage customer expectations better. Here are my suggestions;

    1. Publish current backlog time (and reason)on the customer control panel….whilst we do not like waiting, if we know there is a delay it is less worrying.
    2. Use the website for customer contact rather than an email – avoids spam issues and can provide both a log and validation.
    3. Your last note to customers was on 1/10, yet there is still ongoing issues….keep us informed. The fact that we need to resort to this blog is not good enough.


  23. Been waiting almost 9 weeks for my shipment, it arrived at my virtual address at Shipbuktu on the 12th February and it still hasn’t turned up yet.

    Paid the shipping fee and my item can be seen as having the status ‘Shipped’ but it obviously hasn’t been…

    Talked to some people at NZ Post International and they tell me that the contract between themselves and shipkuktu to provide the logistics has pretty much broken down!!!

    So maybe I will never get my goods, will let you know if they turn up….

    If they don’t Shipbuktu should shutdown their website and E-mail their customers to stop ordering products as the service is no longer functioning.



  24. well, I hear that Shipbuktu and NZ Post have finally worted out the ‘known shipper’ isues that caused the delays and the stoppage of the service in late 2007. If so, I’ll be looking forward to the relaunch; i used these guys early on and while they had problems, they were at least honest and paid for any errors.

    Simon, doesn’t look like the contract had broken down between NZ Post and Shipbuktu, rather that there were delivery issues but the guys paid out for all problems


  25. Sounds like the shipbuktu folk may end up in court with NZ Post who started the competing Youshop service recently… Could it be NZ Post were promising shipbuktu to restart the service while quietly developing their own? If so, I imagine this will be one case to watch. Wonder if Shipbuktu will want to come up against an SOE in Court.


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