Yahoo! Pipes

Rowan started this one – here’s this blog’s RSS feed  in French, courtesy of the new coolness – Yahoo! Pipes. It helps that I’m in France and so can of course completely understand all of the perfectly translated output. (What’s with the French thing today – first Fronde, now this….)

You can even subscribe to the Frenchified feed in a variety of ways – including RSS, Google, MyYaho0!, bloglines and, amazing they still exist, AOL…

Pipes will be awesome when they add a bunch more inputs and operators.  I hope Yahoo! keeps taking an agnostic approach to sources – Flickr is there but that is owned by Yahoo!, Altavista Babelfish is there, but that is owned by Yahoo! as well. However Google Base (which is pretty useless right now in NZ) is also there, which bodes well.

Here’s a slightly more complicated Pipe – 3 sources 2 from Flickr and a motorcycle blog. It shows the latest Motorcycle adventure pictures, with a failed attempt to filter to location = Argentina and Wellington. It also has the most recent blog entries from a generic motorcycle blog.

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