Ban incandescent bulbs – not a no brainer..

No Right Turn suggests we follow Australia’s lead and ban incandescent bulbs. While I think this is a clear case of Government intervention helping consumers reduce total cost of ownership it is not a total ‘no brainer’.

While the short term increase in spend will eventually be matched by reduced electricity bills, this will be an unpopular measure for many. For those people living from pay packet to pay packet (or benefit payment to benefit payment) the extra say $5 per bulb is a meaningful amount, and could mean forgoing other essential spending.
Yes it is a smart thing to ban, but no this is not a political no-brainer, especially for the Labour party.

Still – I believe a ban should happen – provided there is sufficient competition in the compact flourescent market – we wouldn’t want to see a price rise after the law took effect would we…

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2 replies on “Ban incandescent bulbs – not a no brainer..”

  1. This is just another example of a government assuming more and more control over our lives and making choices for us “for our own good”. If we can’t decide what light bulbs to put in our homes, what can’t the government decide for us?


  2. If I hit myself on the head with a hammer all day, the government will take the hammer away and put me in a padded cell. I would be “damaged”, and by some definition of the word you could certainly say that I was “stupid”.

    On these lines, collective stupidity such as the continued use of incandescent lighting should be met with the same action, yes? They make take your bulbs away, but at least they won’t lock you away.

    One of the government’s primary roles is to prevent stupid people from hurting themselves and others, and this is just another step on that road. CFLs may cost up to ten times more, but they also last eight times as long and use one-fifth of the energy to produce the same light. The saving over the life of it far exceeds the additional cost, so they are therefore an extremely economically-sound choice. With that made clear, being poor is the worst possible excuse not to buy and use CFLs….


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