Jetblue vs Eurostar

Jetblue have introduced a passenger bill of rights after last weeks debacle. If you are delayed departing for 1-2 hours you get a $25 voucher, and 2-4 hours gets you a $50 voucher. This, by the way, is the best airline in the USA, and I am a loyal customer whenever I fly one of their routes. Indeed I flew them today and the flight was perfect.

However for real customer service consider Eurostar, who gave all the passengers on my train from Paris to London free tickets for the next trip when we were delayed a mere 1.5 hours. Moreover, rather than handing out vouchers, travelers have only to present their boarding pass the next time they make a booking. That’s customer service.

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  1. I would agree, Eurostar are truely great service. We had booked to catch the train at St Pancras, but then my partner was no going to vist family, so they changed our ticket to bored at Ebbsfleet, the train had great services (charge phone) and helpful staff.


    1. I’m debating whether this is comment spam or not. If it is then it’s from a railway station, which would be a first.
      The poster does revel that there is a new railway station on the Eurostar line – outside of London. That is cool, and the linked website is not bad.


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