Who on earth is designerexposure?

Whoever they are they managed to beat heavily advertised Ferrit into ‘2nd biggest retailer‘ spot. It’s not much of a spot – after all Trade Me has about 100% of the retail pageviews. (or 197.1m out of 198.5m total retail for ‘total traffic’ week ending 25 Feb, 2007)

From the article

” Trade Me has come out on top in a list of the country’s most visited online shopping websites.

AC Nielson/NetRatings figures show Trade Me had more than a million visitors last week, from New Zealand and overseas. designerexposure.com was the next most visited site with nearly 37,984 hits, with ferrit.co.nz in third on 31,755.

Top ten shopping websites (19-25 February 2007)

1. trademe.co.nz

2. designerexposure.com

3. ferrit.co.nz…..”

<Update:> I should have guessed – NetConcepts designed the site. Nice one.

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  1. Designer Exposure has a lot of overseas traffic. The Domestic traffic is not so large but the international figures are OK. Note also that the reporter used the word ‘hits’ – It should have been Unique Browswers. We often switch between local and total traffic for these reports so it is a good idea to check exactly what numbers the reports are refering to.

    Glen (From NetRatings)


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