ACC, Benefits and 36,800 words

So you are in a giant battle with ACC, which has included you spending time in Prison for benefit fraud (something you are appealing). You profess that you cannot work because you cannot use a mouse or write, and have mild brain damage.

Then ACC (or is it WINZ?) cuts off your current benefit.

So – what do you do?

You start a thread, on March 16th, on the ACCforum site, contributing a series of lengthy and mostly articulate posts. Occasionally you will snarl at the other contributors, and you don’t really listen to their suggestions, but you keep the conversation about your case rolling.

After  36,800 words that you have personally written (via voice recognition apparently) you receive back pay of your benefits and a letter stating your reinstatement. You write about that on April 28th. Actually you keep writing well beyond that, but I just can’t be bothered reading (and counting) any more.

I have three comments on this:

1: Good on you Alan Thomas for going public like this – it has clearly helped your case.

2: But Mr. Thomas – if you can write over 36,800 coherent words in 43 days, why on earth are you still fighting ACC for $355 per week? Surely in the 18 years since your accident in 1989 you could have figured out a way to make that sort of money?

3: ACC – how did it ever come to this?

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  1. Lance I read your comments regarding myself and the problems I have had with the ACC. Your comments are fairly typical of the casual observer. There are numerous points however that are in error or erroneous such as ACC, the insurance company insured my earnings for 80 percent of preinjury earnings which means $1300 week and as far as capacity to write when the ACC me off I could not write. I purchased a computer and voice software and taught myself to use it. My medical certificate allows me two hours per day.

    The ACC cut me off on the basis of statements made by the manager I had employed to run my company, who was in the process of setting his own company in and stealing of all the customers.

    While this was going on ACC required me to produce a business plan to include myself in on the business I owned (funded for my girlfriend) or engage in some other activity rather than comply with a court order that required them to fund the surgery that would return me to my preinjury occupation, mechanical design engineer / project manager.

    The ACC legislation requires a medical report to determine whether or not I continue to be incapacitated to earn rather than the by a conflict-of-interest type statement of a member of the public.

    What is at stake is a seven figure sum! this case is the longest-running case and ACC history and has cost the ACC more than any other case when all they were trying to do in the beginning was said $1500 surgery.

    I wonder if you perceive of the problem whereby the insurance company liability is transferred to the taxpayer by way of false documents produced by the insurance company. This will gain clarity once the ACC privatise.

    I hope this puts a slightly different perspective on your view of me. I would welcome your response.


  2. Just looking back on the number of words that need to be typed per day to achieve 36,800 words in 43 days and how long I would have spent typing per day. It is approximately 17 minutes per day. The medical certificate makes me as fit for work task activities of this type up to two hours per day fragmented throughout the day so I guess I must have been doing something else with my time such as preparing for legal challenges and so forth.

    Sorry I forgot to clarify that last posting as I probably thought the issue was frivolous.


  3. lancewiggs,


    the story has progressed from the date you posted re my opinion there is a lot of unanswered a lot more typed words by the thousands.


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