BMW’s new F800 GS

TouratechWill this will be the overlanding bike of choice for the next few years? he question is whether the F800GS combines the best or the worst features of the dependable but heavy R1200GSA and the light but underpowered F650GS.

Either way I want one. The photo above is a snippet from one of several over at Touratech.

More information at MCN

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6 replies on “BMW’s new F800 GS”

  1. Lance I was at the London bike show and they had a bike there. It looks pretty impressive, a good, basic concept that feels like it will work well. It does seem as if they have left some guards etc to the Touratech fettle-merchants but key things like weight and comfort feel about right.

    No one I have spoken to can knock it. And I know a lot of BMW-haters.

    I still won’t be buying one yet, though. I can’t afford it!


  2. Yup Josh – I think I want one too. I spoke to a BMW guy (he works for BMW motorcycles in R&D in Germany) and he really rated the bike as well.

    The next question is whether to get rid of the 1200 Adventure GS or the KTM 950 Adv. The 1200 GS I think….


  3. Juha – It’s not bad – I’ve ridden the more sporty version, and the engine is excellent. The more upright one would be just as fun and a lot more practical.

    Of course you may have to upgrade your helmet system for that bike….


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