Kiwi botnet creator – criminal mastermind or bit player?

The WSJ – famed conservative organ – says the following about the Kiwi lad Owen Walker interviewed for his alleged internet deeds:

The arrests make good headlines, but will have little real impact.

Over the last several years, cyber crime has become organized. Arresting the guy who writes the code or who sent the emails that bilked businesses is the equivalent of arresting the Mob foot soldier. He’s replaceable and removing him won’t make a dent in the overall organization.

I have to agree.

I also have to really wonder at the inflation level of the ‘damage’ caused by the bot attacks. I seriously doubt the US$19m being bandied about. Can someone point to the missing cash?

And then there is the blame game. Is it the teenager’s fault, or were the candies left outside the shop?

You could blame the bot-net host computers for not having adequate security, you could blame the ISP’s that allowed the bot-net to prolifferate when they had the information to shut it down, and you can blame a large software vendor for the holes created in their OS software that allows script-kiddies to  penetrate it.

I’ll let the WSJ have the last word:

In fact, the people who write the software and build these botnets are so commonplace that the price to rent a botnet network has dropped to about 5 cents per computer per week. There are so many of these botnets available on market that hackers now have to distinguish themselves through customer service, according to tech-security company McAfee.

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  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for the bad guys in crime movies, especially the smart ones.

    I can’t help but feel like that woman interviewed on the news the other night – an immense amount of pride that that genius belongs to us


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