Good bye Renaissance dependance

What can you say about a company that just didn’t make hay from what now are the most sought after  products in the world?

Finally it appears that Renaissance has lost exclusive Apple distributorship in NZ, and I have to say that I’m glad. Their service was really not up to scratch, and they lost my business to the online store the day it opened. Now we can see a better distributor, or perhaps a tangble entry by Apple themselves.

Perhaps I should have backed myself and shorted Renaissance a while ago, but it was hard to bet against Apple’s expansion in NZ.

Looking at this price chart, I really should have:

yahoo finance

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2 replies on “Good bye Renaissance dependance”

  1. There are plenty of NZ stocks in similar downtrends right now – have you the insights/skill to short them, or are you just indulging in a bit of hindsight bias?

    How about jumping in and shorting RNS now? I’d say there’s a way to go down from here, but that’s just me.

    Seriously, there is money to be made by people who can see the writing on the wall.


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