Vodaphone amateur hour

It’s not hard. They had weeks to prepare for the iPhone launch, but still Vodaphone.co.nz’s site still got swamped this morning.

Vodaphone NZ

Unacceptable. Completly unacceptable.

Vodafone.com.au struggled the first time I hit the site this morning, and then seemed to go into mobile mode – which was a clever way of dealing with a slashdotting. A second refresh and the normal homepage was back, but no prices on the iPhone.

Vodafone au

If you do ant Vodahone NZ iPhone pricing, then check out Geekzone‘s article.

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  1. That not mobile mode, it just hasn’t pulled down the Style Sheet. I had the same problem with the IRD website on Sunday trying to file my IR3 and IR4’s – Seems everyone had the same idea, and the IRD site just fell over.


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