Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business

Think like you think for yourself

  1. Switch to Gmail
  2. Get a ‘best friends’ telephone deal for your work. Don’t use a business deal if the personal ones are better
  3. Get rid of almost all of your printers – and make the ones you have harder to get to, and track printing by person/cost center. It’s amazing how often you don’t really need to print.

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2 replies on “Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business”

  1. And by Gmail presumably you mean Google Apps:

    – FREE
    – ~7GB of storage per user
    – @yourdomain.co.nz email addresses
    – unlimited users
    – shared calendars, address books, docs, sites, lists, …
    – web, mobile, outlook, blackberry integration

    And for US$50/user/year you can get more advanced stuff – single sign on, APIs, user/group synchronisation, etc.

    TIP: If you have an existing Exchange/IMAP email server, you can migrate your mail into Google Apps – sign up for the premier trial, use the premier-only tools to migrate your data, then cancel within 30 days.


  2. I switched from Outlook to Gmail about seven weeks ago as an experiment, planning to go back to Outlook after a couple of weeks. It worked so well, I forgot about my plan to switch back.

    There’s only one serious flaw with switching. Windows desktop search archives Outlook emails, but not those in Gmail. You can search Gmail separately or use Google desktop search — but adding Google desktop search to Windows desktop search is just plain silly.

    One tip I discovered is to find out how to make Gmail the default mail program from all your applications. It’s simple to set up, but rather than explain it here I suggest you Google for the specific instructions for your system.


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