Electricity company puts prices down!

PowerKiwi, a company that I am a co-founder of, today dropped prices for Flowerpower for most Powershop customers. Pricing for electricity varies by location, annual usage and the type of meters you have, but we are pleased to be able to do these special, pre-winter season, prices. Prices will, sadly, rise during the winter period as the energy prices rise, but unlike normal power companies Powershop suppliers drop their prices at the end of the season when wholesale prices fall.

In some markets we are now the cheapest top-up pack, as in the example above. Top-up packs are what Powershop automatically buys for you if you simply sign up and forget. The price includes GST and daily charges – but as mentioned above prices vary a lot across the country.

In other markets we were unable to match the Standard Power (Powershop’s product) price for top-ups, but were still able to offer the lowest price overall, using our $82.90 top up pack:

In yet other markets we were unable to match the lowest prices, which means, of course, that those customers were already getting fantastic prices from Powershop’s Standard Power. Also – we can expect that Standard Power will react, so don’t be surprised if we are not the cheapest – but do enjoy the cheaper prices!

Powershop has been growing quickly over the last year – doubling in size in the last 3 months. The reason is simple – the stories are spreading on how much people are saving by switching to Powershop.

So if you have switched then keep telling everyone you know – the more people we have on Powershop the better the shop will be and the more competitive we can make the pricing.

If you have not switched to Powershop yet then ask someone who has, and ask them also how good it is to be able to track your power use and spend, to enter your own meter readings, to buy in bulk and save and to do all of this without ever handling a piece of paper.

And yes – we are still offering $20 of free power from FlowerPower and Powershop for new customers.

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3 replies on “Electricity company puts prices down!”

  1. Great news. I recently joined Powershop and love the visibility you have with regards to the price of power and with your own usage. I love not having that surprise moment (with other power companies) when you received your monthly bill.

    Only thing is, when will Powershop provide gas? ;(


  2. Lance, I’m a bit confused with your Flower Power Promo specs. When I joined Powershop a year ago I got $20 of Flower Power (from your page) plus $50 start up Promo. It states on this page that you’re still doing $20 Flower Power plus there is a $50 promo on the RHS of page. Both links go to the same page. Is this the same promo I used? My brother is considering switching so I want to send him the link but on reading the promo it is unclear. Join for $50 and there is a mention of $20 but the way it is worded seems like a typo not an added on amount. Please clarify. Thanks


    1. Hi Debbie

      Yes it was $20 last year, and it was $20 when this post was written. Happily we’ve now been able to put the free power amount up to $50 – after Powershop themselves ran a similar campaign.



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