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10 ways to stop the cyclist killings

It’s madness.  The recent spate of bicycle deaths is no doubt partially caused by the nicer weather and people getting out there on their bikes. But the families and friends left behind and all of the rest of us have … Continue reading

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How not to lift things – fatal risk

I watched amazed at this lifting operation in Auckland last night. From where I was watching it appeared that the load went over the head of the workers and drivers several times, which is a fatal risk if anything goes … Continue reading

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Want to start a business to reduce the road toll?

Mathew Sanders raises an interesting point is comments to the last post. It is very difficult to report poor driving in New Zealand. It seems it is also difficult to do so in Australia. In other countries there are a … Continue reading

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It’s noisy when you fly, so should we talk on the phone?

Laws against talking on your phone on board commercial Us domestic aircraft are being pushed by US Congress. It seems some Congress-critters are upset at very loud and sometimes personal phone calls from people on planes sitting near them when … Continue reading

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Not so funny when you could die

You may have seen this already. It looks like the plane wasn’t chocked (at least not properly), and with a gap opening up under passengers feet that was over 2 meters high (3 actually) this was a potentially fatal incident. … Continue reading

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Why safety is important to managers

People can die, and you can go to jail. These guys from Black Reef Mine face sentencing tomorrow for failing to ensure the safety of workers. But meanwhile Police are pondering whether to reopen the case and lay more serous … Continue reading

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