About Lance

Principal at LWCM, the Manager of Punakaiki Fund, and a director of several high-growth companies. Chart of the ICE and member of the Physical Science Return on Science investment committees.

Punakaiki Fund

Punakaiki Fund invests in with New Zealand based high growth companies and has over 600 investors. Please see the Punakaiki Fund website for more.

Other (non PFL) Investments and Directorships

Investor and Director for Define Instruments, an Auckland based electronics OEM designer and manufacturer and producer of IoT electronic transmitters, controllers, meters and mini-PLCs, and Lingopal Limited, a Perth based mobile translation venture capital funded start-up.

Co-Founder and Director of MyTours, a do it yourself iPhone app tour creator aimed at Museums, cities and regions.

Investor and Director for Pocketsmith, which is a comprehensive personal financial management SaaS too that includes powerful yet simple financial forecasting.

Investor and Director for 200Square, which uses a SaaS platform to remove the pain, and the expense, from selling houses.

Investor in Taggle, and hold an indirect shareholding in Performance Labs.