Marvin Bower

These are the attributes that McKinsey’s Marvin Bower apparently had.

– Integrity/trustworthines (A)
– Fact based visioning, pragmatic approach (B)
– Adherence to principles/values (C)
– Humility & unassuming respect for others (D)
– Strong communications/personal persuasiveness (E)
– Personal involvement/demonstrated commitment (F)

My first thought is that despite her 11 years in the firm author Elisabeth Haas Edersheim was strangely unable to distill Marvin’s attributes to three items. Here’s how the firm sees it’s beliefs now – you can see Marvin’s fingerprints:

– Adhere to the highest professional standards (A,C,D)
– Improve our clients performance significantly (B,E,F)
– Create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people (D,F)
(McKinsey Beliefs)

Either way these are great attributes or beliefs to live and work by. Marvin, who died in 2003 in his hundredth year, was the founder (essentially) and conscience of McKinsey. An amazing individual, and a well written engaging book – worthy of a light read.

Published by Lance Wiggs