Daily Show Global Edition

Here in NZ we are unable to get the Daily Show through broadcast/cable TV. We can only get the dramatically compacted “Special Edition”, which plays just once each week. Not only is most of the content missing, but it’s also very late, so timeliness, the essential element of news, is gone. And forget the Colbert Report.
The strangest thing though is the disclaimer placed before the show, one which foreign audiences in particular do not need.

We can, however, get the Daily Show legally via iTunes, illegally via torrent or snippets via youTube. Sadly iTunes is not localized, and so we cannot use it unless we possess a foreign-sourced iTunes music card. The other problem is that episodes weigh in at 250+MB each, a size that precludes me using the pathetic excuse for home “broadband” we have here..
You tube videos typically last about 1 minute before sputtering out, and torrents – well they take a while but get there eventually.

I don’t see any of the TV channels rescuing us any time soon.

Published by Lance Wiggs