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3 Reasons to invest in Punakaiki Fund Limited (Closing Tomorrow)

We generally hold one retail offer per year for people to invest in Punakaiki Fund Limited. As is normal this year’s offer has a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), and investors can apply online using our simple system. CLOSING TOMORROW AT 5PM … Continue reading

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New Melon Health Investment

Punakaiki Fund has a public offer that closes on Wednesday, 14 November at 5pm. Read the PDS and invest online at After some gestation it’s great to be able to share the news about our latest investment in Melon Health. We are leading … Continue reading

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Melon Health’s Diabetes Prevention Program

Melon Health is a CDC approved provider of digital Diabetes Prevention Programs across the USA. Here is a video promoting that service.   You can help Punakaiki Fund Limited invest in Melon Health by subscribing to the latest retail offer. … Continue reading

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eScooters and eBikes – let’s upgrade the rulebooks

I’ve been outed as someone who isn’t entirely positive about the new Lime electric scooters in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. There are a few reasons for the, but first let’s agree on one thing – the electric scooters (and electric … Continue reading

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Yale versus NZ Super Asset Allocation

Disclaimer: Punakaiki Fund Limited has lodged a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for a Public Offer. Please read the PDS if you are considering an investment.  Yale Investment Office have just announced their latest results (good, especially with the lower risk they carry) and their … Continue reading

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A Letter to Shane Ellison – CEO of Auckland Transport

Dear Shane You’ve begun your role as the Chief Executive Officer of Auckland Transport at a moment of crisis, with hundreds of Auckland families coping with the death of their loved ones on the city’s roads every year. You have … Continue reading

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Liars and Fools: Climate change deniers

I have, somewhat randomly, made it a ongoing task to reply to climate change denial comments and articles on Thankfully over the years we’ve seen the quality of the writing in NBR and the comments themselves improve, but there … Continue reading

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