Peter Jackson (auto)biography

Just finished Peter Jackson’s (semi auto)-biography. It’s a remarkable journey he has made, from struggling apprentice printer to mogul. Three things struck me

The first is his overwhelming passion for movies – passion that led him to just do it, rather than learn first by going to university. The results speak volumes, and he is in good company with this approach.

The second is that he is a leader with an ability to gather large amounts of people around him – from the first movie made with a bunch of mates on weekends, to LOTR with over 24,000 kiwis involved.

And the third is that he is an astute businessman – the book only hints at this, but it is clear from the continuous improvement in his Film Commission submissions, and the improvement in the deals struck with New line and Universal.

The book, like his movies, is long, and rewarding for it. The emphasis is more on  pre-LOTR work and life, and it really focuses on the movies – no business or personal exposes here. (you won’t learn the secret of how he lost weight, but I understand he did that through healthy diet, removal of snacks at the screening room and exercise)

Worthy of a read.

Pater Jackson Book Cover

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