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A Letter to Shane Ellison – CEO of Auckland Transport

Dear Shane You’ve begun your role as the Chief Executive Officer of Auckland Transport at a moment of crisis, with hundreds of Auckland families coping with the death of their loved ones on the city’s roads every year. You have … Continue reading

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Liars and Fools: Climate change deniers

I have, somewhat randomly, made it a ongoing task to reply to climate change denial comments and articles on Thankfully over the years we’ve seen the quality of the writing in NBR and the comments themselves improve, but there … Continue reading

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We want you: 2 new jobs to help manage Punakaiki Fund

We’ve just posted two new jobs for LWCM – one senior and one junior. The Investment Manager role will be delegated significant responsibility, and the right person will eventually lead a team of people. We have a lot to do … Continue reading

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Rename the NZ Super Rugby teams

The current Super Rugby NZ team names are appalling: Crusaders: A name celebrating religion based genocide from centuries ago (Thanks to @sportsfreakconz for that definition) Chiefs: White people’s interpretation of a Māori culture across the region. Perhaps next time we could … Continue reading

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John – the real issue here is results, not dance partners

John Hart has written a series of tweets about why a Blue Green coalition wold not work. It's going to be a long two weeks on Twitter if we don't put this National-Green fantasy government idea to bed. So a short thread… … Continue reading

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Could Auckland attract or retain the next Amazon?

I had idly thought that Amazon’s RFP for  a second headquarters  location could be answered by Auckland. Sadly, albeit unsurprisingly, the request is for a North American location. Perhaps we should still try –  after all the size of the prize … Continue reading

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Stop complaining about rates in Auckland

The Taxpayers Union is a lobby group who, seemingly, would like to get rid of all tax. Insider Dave Farrar covered their latest attack on tax, which is on rates in Auckland. It’s ridiculous. We actually have a great deal here and … Continue reading

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