Telecom increases prices

Telecom are in a monopoly position so they have pricing control – these increases are an easy way to increase profit.

018 calls go up 50% to 75 cents from 50 cents. Given that directory calls over here in the USA are a crippling $1.25 to $1.50, there is plenty of room for further growth. However this creates an opportunity for new entrants to the 411 (018) game – like easy 411.

Meanwhile monthly connection rises from $54.95 to $56.80 – a 3.3% increase. This will help people decide to migrate to Telstra Clear, or, better yet, to abandon the home phone entirely in favor of mobile. I find the connection fee reprehensibe, but I have to pay it to get ADSL. (I do not even plug the phone in, and have no idea of my lanadline number.)

TUANZ understand – the inflation based increase is a.. “curious concession to a company that enjoys a very high degree of market power, operating in an industry where prices are trending down rather than up”.

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4 replies on “Telecom increases prices”

  1. TCL cable can’t get the logistics to my place to work. sadly.
    and I’m too far out for Citilink. doubly sadness.

    Go Vodafone is all I can say. I am not holding out to much hope though, after their ludicrous vodem pricing.


  2. I dont like the Vodem, mainly because I dont like the fact that it hangs off the laptop (by USB) and would get in the way of things, and its rate limited to 3.6 Mbits (Around half of the capacity of the HSDPA spec). Their original VMC cards were nice, but the new HSDPA ones look like small train hanging off the side of your laptop. Some of the new Acers have built in HSDPA (Although its a shame the new Acer Ferrari 5000 doesnt). The concept is nice, but the pricing leaves alot to be desired, especailly if you dont want to be locked into a 2 year plan with a hefty penalty for breaking the contract (All for a $10/month discount on your data plan). Latency is still a little high to, Telecom’s EV-DO network wins here hands down. But no-one likes CDMA, do they?


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