Being back home

Despite a wet welcome back to NZ…


It was great to be home – albeit for a week. You don’t get this sort of green in Perth..

a suburb in auckland

nor can you walk to work through the forest made famous by Peter Jackson and co.


though this missing guy poster was scary.

<update: and horribly ended tragically.  Finn Higgins’ body was found in Mt Vic town belt, after what seems to be same serious failings in his mental health care. It all hinged on a nurse not legally being qualified to commit him, and then not waiting until someone who was qualified arrived.
Our hearts go out to Zoe, whose efforts were rewarded in the worst possible way, and to other friends and family of Finn’s.>


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2 Responses to Being back home

  1. We had that guy on our fridge. Word has it that he is found now. PHEW. I realised I’m not the kind of person to take people at ‘face value’ and after staring at the sign, i still wouldn’t recognise him. Hense him being on the fridge.

    On the upside. which other country would only have one missing person?


  2. Scott says:

    Top photo, Durham St East. Auckland needs more lanes like that!! Close off High st I say and take the market away from the Aotea Square wind farm and put them there, now that would be a great place to go shopping and send international visitors.


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