Do you feel assured?

I imagine there is some ancient research backing up the use of the “be assured” strips across toilets in a certain class of accomodation. I for one feel it really is a waste of money, as not only is it obvious when a bathroom has been cleaned, it’s also hard to catch anything nasty from […]

Uncovering the truth behind “50% of teens post senstive information”

Last week we saw a plethora of New Zealand headlines bemoaning the poor behaviour of ‘kids today’ – this time in how they handle their sensitive information online. The punchline was that one in two students had posted sensitive information about themselves online in the past year. TVNZ went with Half of NZ teens post […]

The spectrum of blogging engagement

While I may not agree with it entirely, Mikearauz has come up with a useful way to look at the way casual interest can turn into advocacy online. Since I don’t agree with it – I decided to have a crack at my own version. This is my take on “Blogging Engagement”  – written from […]

How to write a promo email – Apple sets the standard

It’s a great product – but I really don’t think my Mother will use an iPod touch, and I really don’t think Mothers day in an economic downturn is the time for Kiwis to give expensive presents. However  the email is so nice that you just want to click: Apple just gets these promotion emails […]

Guilty – but what about the Police organisation?

The Policeman who turned to chase a motorcyclist on Buller gorge, blocking the road and causing two other motorcyclists to be seriously injured, has just been found guilty of dangerous driving causing injury. He is no doubt haunted by the accident – as a professional officer policing road safety the decision to make a 3 […]

Alcohol and driving: make it 0.0% or forget it

Good news  – the NZ Government wants to look at reducing the drink driving limit from 0.8 g/l to 0.5 g/l.  It’s been 0.5g/l in Australia for years – folk over 40 will remember Peter Brock always had had 05 on his car, as that was the limit for drink driving. But is it the […]