Running low on fuel….

Forty degrees Celcius in the sun, and I realized that I was probably not going to make it to the next gas station if I kept going to the latest gorge.

So I turned around and headed for Derby, on the west of the Gibb River Road.

Slowing right down, and with pumped up hard tires, I crept along, eyeing the rapidly falling levels in the translucent 45 litre tanks.

Finally I made it – and promptly deposited 46.5 litres in those 45l tanks. I even had a litre or two to spare.

Sadly though that 46.5 litres got me just 600km, a pretty appalling economy rate, even on the sand and dirt roads.

I will check the air filters, most likely a bit more air will help things a bit, but that’s a huge issue for the longer trips on the KTM.

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