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Osama and the KKR

Osama Bin Laden’s last hiding place was within a block of one of the great motorcycling roads of the world. The Karakaroum Highway goes from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad to beyond Sost, where it meets the border with China. The road … Continue reading

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Brass Monkey – the big wet

The last days of the monkey were wet, which means less photos. We stayed dry and cozy in layers of protective, warming and rain proof clothing though.

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Brass Monkey – snow time

Yes the theme of this batch of pictures is snow. Unsurprisingly snow and motorcycles are not entirely compatible. I was one of three round the world motorcyclists that decided to let their bikes have a wee rest. Luckily Mod managed … Continue reading

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Brass Monkey 2010

It’s the first frost, and ski season starts tomorrow (at Coronet Peak), so clearly it’s Brass Monkey time. Here’s the first batch of photos, sent while sitting in the sun on a farm near Fairlie during a cat-dog stand-off.

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Tour of New Zealand – 2009/2010

I spent 2 weeks or so riding around New Zealand over the Christmas New Year break. What glorious fun. (There is a more complete set of photos over at Flickr.) It reaffirmed what a wonderful place this is. Even during … Continue reading

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Do you feel assured?

I imagine there is some ancient research backing up the use of the “be assured” strips across toilets in a certain class of accomodation. I for one feel it really is a waste of money, as not only is it … Continue reading

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Want to motorcycle the world? It’s easy

This DVD intro gives a taste for the sort of person that you need to be to ride the world. Assemble your personal excuses, and then watch. (Hint – age and even Parkinsons won’t cut it. Neither will lack of … Continue reading

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