Osama and the KKR

Osama Bin Laden’s last hiding place was within a block of one of the great motorcycling roads of the world. The Karakaroum Highway goes from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad to beyond Sost, where it meets the border with China. The road passes a point where three great mountain ranges of the world meet – the Himalayas, […]

Brass Monkey 2010

It’s the first frost, and ski season starts tomorrow (at Coronet Peak), so clearly it’s Brass Monkey time. Here’s the first batch of photos, sent while sitting in the sun on a farm near Fairlie during a cat-dog stand-off.

Do you feel assured?

I imagine there is some ancient research backing up the use of the “be assured” strips across toilets in a certain class of accomodation. I for one feel it really is a waste of money, as not only is it obvious when a bathroom has been cleaned, it’s also hard to catch anything nasty from […]

Alcohol and driving: make it 0.0% or forget it

Good news  – the NZ Government wants to look at reducing the drink driving limit from 0.8 g/l to 0.5 g/l.  It’s been 0.5g/l in Australia for years – folk over 40 will remember Peter Brock always had had 05 on his car, as that was the limit for drink driving. But is it the […]

Extreme sport and adventure motorcycling

Marathons, Iron Mans, and now Extreme-Adventure travel. It’s all getting just a little ridiculous. I’ve found myself in more than one conversation this week with people that, having completed in these sorts of things (e.g. Coast to Coast, half Iron Man) have now decided to move on. They are still challenging themselves, but will ride […]

Signs of WA

Two interesting signs, showing that yes, you are in Western Australia. The first $22 per hour for cleaners. Despite these rates (similar for waiting tables) travellers tend to stay only a few weeks and then move on. Indeed folk arriving in, say, Broome can pick up a decent paying job within a day. The second […]

Travelling with the iphone for a week

First some rants; “nz” gets auto changed into “ms”, and the auto replacement function does not learn from its’ mistakes. Safari keeps crashing, with increasing regularity YouTube videos simply do not work anymore I can’t flip photos in wordpress Mail does not flip horizontally, making it really hard to read HTML emails that assume a […]

Up the Tanami road

It’s the main drag from alice springs to the northwest, so I was expecting the Tanami Road to be pretty good. It was, but vast tracts were still unacceptabe for locals. I cruise at 100-110km, regardless of terrain. The worst roads are deep sand and sandy corrugations, and there was a bit of the first […]