Help us with Lingopal


We are still putting on the final touches, but Lingopal is looking pretty good these days.

To check it out point your browser, mobile or other wise, at – and let us know what you think.

Lingopal offers phrase translation over 43 languages – with the version you see at the mobile site for now offering a selection of the 1000 total phrases.

We are putting the final touches on the downloadable version, which will look pretty similar, but be on your phone as an application.
The point of Lingopal is to break the ice and to start a conversation with people that speak different languages.  So while we have the standard travel and basic stuff in there, we are more interested in having a bit of fun with the phrases. This sample below from the flirting category worked pretty well for meeting a bunch of people in Sydney on Friday night. Luckily they didn’t work too well – Not only would my girlfriend take rather unkindly to any “success” with the phrases, but I was also out with friends in Oxford street – which is the gay district of Sydney.

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5 replies on “Help us with Lingopal”

  1. It’s robust yup, but so over the top that it is funny. Hopefully. That phrase isn’t one I’d lead out with…

    CEO Richard has been getting all of the phrases recorded in the different languages. Many languages didn’t have an equivalent for Rogypnol (we used “does this drink taste extra strong to you), but our favorite was Brazilian Portugeuse, where Rohypnol is called “goodnight Cinderella”


  2. Thanks wip
    Swiss German is now on the list of languages to add, as are the flavors of Spanish from Latin America.

    Juha (and others) – we hear you on the Rohypnol phrase and are going to out it behind the pay wall and in an explicit section.

    Thanks everyone for the feedback we have received so far – with kudos to a particularly excellent effort by Amnon.


  3. I use your English thai lingopal app it’s been great but the sound has stopped. I have an iPhone 5. Can you please help me.



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