Lingopal still big in Japan

Lingopal sales by Region, originally uploaded by LanceWiggs.

Six months on and Lingopal is consistently getting half of our revenue from Japan.

While Europe has a good showing it is really surprising to us how low the US sales are, considering the overwhelming size of the iPhone/iPod touch app market there.

Or perhaps not. US iPhone users probably travel internationally more than the average North American, but they are far less likely to travel versus their international brethren. Meanwhile the US iPhone translation space is very crowded, and perhaps our sense of humour doesn’t relate entirely well to their market.

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  1. Not suprised by the lack of US takeup compared to Japan/Europe.
    Anybody with english as a second language realises the competitive importance of being at least bilingual, which I think would make the target market… whereas americans and native english speakers expect english to be the default languge in any business situation.


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