Why not switch to the BNZ Global Plus Cards?

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Technebish and Adam suggest I switch to that I switch to the Global Plus Platinum Card.

Here, straight from the BNZ website, is the comparison table between the Global Plus, Platinum (mine) and GlobalPlus Platinum cards.

They all show Air New Zealand AirPoint Conversion.

Why would the other two stay if the one in the middle is going?

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3 Responses to Why not switch to the BNZ Global Plus Cards?

  1. mwelford says:

    I doubt they will ditch airpoints on the GlobalPlus cards – they have AirNZ branding on them and include your airpoints number. I was (pleasantly) surprised to see that I am now earning status points as well as air points dollars on my GP card. Maybe this has something to do with them removing the conversion option?


  2. lance says:

    As it turns out you are quite correct – Air NZ and BNZ will continue to support the global plus card range.

    I’ve asked BNZ via internet mail (and here, now) to swap my Platinum card for the Global Plus Platinum card. I think it would be a great idea to offer that deal to all people in a similar situation.



  3. Adam J says:

    Kiwibank have just launched their own version of the Global Plus card, including Gold and Platinum options.


    They also have some benifits over Global Plus eg Two Koru Lounge complimentary passes per $15,000 spend on your Go Fly Credit Card in any 12 month period


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