Contempt watch: Whaleoil and name suppression

<Picture changed after seeing this>

Whaleoil seems to think that he is above the law. One day he’ll find out that he is not. <Update That day has come>

But then It’s good to have people on the edge pushing the boundaries of New Zealand’s inoperable libel and suppression laws. Those laws need to change.

<UPDATE – an excellent post from Media Law Journal on name suppression matters. Apparently it is not ‘contempt of court’ to reveal a name – except in rare cases. It is an offense though. >

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5 replies on “Contempt watch: Whaleoil and name suppression”

  1. There is no way that there is contempt of court. Neither image identifies the fool and he is not named, using your logic I am sure any random book picked from a shelf would breach the court order.

    I of course used logic in the most generous way, as you seem a bit dim.


    1. It may be, it may not be – if you have not already I’d have a good long chat with a lawyer well-versed in libel and name suppression law subject if I were you Whale Oil. It’s good to walk the line, and but one miss-step and it’s goodbye to the Oil.


      Dim one


  2. Lisa Lewis blew this one right out of the water a week ago on Facebook ” Lisa Lewis
    FYI: Name Suppression only applies to the Media and not to the General Public.
    November 22 at 4:00pm”


    1. ” your honor, I have the most rigorous defense, Lisa Lewis says so, and she even twittered it, I rest my case.”


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