125 links is completely unusable PriceSpy

I lost count – but there are about 125 links on the PriceSpy homepage.

It means that I have absolutely no idea what to do on the page – except to leave.

and so I did – but I took a picture first.

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17 Responses to 125 links is completely unusable PriceSpy

  1. Scott says:

    They used to win in the way Craigs list won. Now they lose in the way Yahoo! lose.


  2. gordy says:

    Try doing a product search and just watch how searched items expand and un-expand underneath the mouse as you move over them. Damned irritating when you expect such things to be clickable.

    Still, it all looks very pretty is is [therefore] destined to win some kind of prettiness award!


  3. Nate says:

    Such as shame as it was a very good site when it was much simpler.


  4. Renee Lee says:

    If its not broken…shame they tried to “fix” considering it was so effective before. Who worked on the design format because on my 17″ laptop there’s a good 3 inches of empty nothingness down the right hand side?


  5. stuartm says:

    It’s a completely useless design, but they have a goldmine of information in there which makes it worth the battle.


  6. Chris says:

    Their developer needs to cut down on his caramel machiatos after seeing that design diarrhea.


  7. Steven Quick says:

    The usability of the new pricespy site is horrible, I wonder if the original owner has any “sellers regret”.. given what the new crowd has done with the domain/company.

    Personally I just use http://www.gearbot.co.nz/ now. It still needs a bit of refinement but it does the job nicely.


  8. Ben says:

    Ok so that’s a lot of links – bBut it’s not as though that alone is bad. News sites, like http://cnn.com seem to do ok – this is a design problem through and through. Ok, so who’s going to venture the first revision?


  9. James says:

    The real problem is not the number of links, but the lack of any sort of “colour heirarchy” – there’s nothing telling or encouraging you where to click. It’s just a sea of yellow.

    I e-mailed them and they said “but but we’ve got so many more suppliers on board, more than 80 so far!”… suppliers are useless with no customers guys.


    • Chris says:

      The real problem is what happens after you click a link. You then get to use that search/filter/browser/slider monstrosity. You need a phD to use that thing – it’s ridiculous. I was fiddling around with it and its a crime, there was no visual cue guiding me, buttons were activating other buttons and lights were coming on. It’s like being in a cockpit without your pilot hat on – someone has lost the plot completely on that one.

      Do me a favour, go to home page, click “motherboards” (if you can find it) and then click “more filters” on the next page. Scroll down and look at it.. just look at it. This is a classic example of a developer gone absolutely mad.


  10. Rob says:

    Lance, the new replacement is http://www.howmuchisit.co.nz and
    It is pretty much identical to the old one.

    This is an extract about them

    We are a group of computer and programming enthusiasts who are unhappy with the changes to a previous price indexing and comparison website much like this one. Instead of whinging about it, we decided to create our own alternative, and add some features that the original should have had.

    So now you’ll find some nice price comparison pages here. we try to index the prices and products from as many sites as possible. We are still working on building spiders to index all the data.


  11. Neil Webster says:

    Alexa has them increasing traffic since the change http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/pricespy.co.nz maybe they’ve found a new audience?


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