A clever pricing approach for growing companies

Spreedly operates a service to make the process of selling subscriptions easy, and they are themselves, it seems, very good at locking in customers. One example is the Spreedly Kickstart offer, where they capture revenue and lock in early customers by asking for a large payment up front to lock in lower ongoing costs.

The advantage for Spreedly is that they receive cash faster, while encouraging companies to commit to using the service rather than just running a trial. They will land bigger customers more easily (they see a deal) but will also capture excess revenue from companies that over-estimate their future transaction numbers.

Oh – and Speedly does not work for New Zealand companies. There seems to be a real gap in the market here for easy payment acceptance services for new companies.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more regarding lack of payment options, particularly solid gateways in New Zealand.

    PayPal’s Payflow and Express Checkout don’t work here, leaving you with ~4% transaction fee on their standard offering. Google Checkout is only EU and US, 2Checkout charges far too much (5.5% + fixed fee).

    This leaves you with the payment gateways like eWay or DPS, which use a SOAP API, meaning that initial integration is reasonably expensive. Plus they feel kind of archaic (IMO).


  2. hmm… that’s unfortunate. I was just considering going with PayPal Pay flow.

    So none of their offerings work then?

    Looked into DPS briefly. Not very impressed.

    We’re using beanstream.com in Canada (low $, full integration, lots of options), but only does USD or CAD. Need NZD.

    Anyone have some other ideas?


    1. The basic (Web Payment Standard?) works in NZ but is too expensive.

      We are just about to start using SecurePayTech:

      They are reasonably priced, and have dead simple integration (simple web-form, really easy to customise) however their website is kind of.. old. You can customise the payment gateway styling though.


  3. in nz half the issue with gateways is your bank
    for example some banks doesn’t know how to speak to some gateways or choose to make it so difficult that you end up going with the bank’s gateway


  4. A handful of options. Learn’t of a few I didnt already know about. Unfortunately, none that overcome the issues already mentioned. Paypal Website Payments Pro for NZ would be great to see.


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