Major changes required

I feel sorry for the people at NZTA – when something as simple as changing from a CC restriction to a power/weight restriction requires “major changes” to an IT system.

I guess the current system simply states the CC size, whereas the new system will need information on the power output and weight of the bike.

It’s even tougher when we have many bikes with restrictor plates (which are removable) and with all of the grey imports. In short – it is probably not possible to do it accurately or completely.

So a suggestion – rather than power to weight – why not just use maximum speed as a proxy? Make any bike than can go faster than, say, 140kmph, is not allowed for beginners. It’s easily testable on the road, and easily observable if you find someone over that speed.

Note that I would keep the maximum speed over 100kmph – because riding on our roads with anything less is dangerous to both rider and to the other vehicles.

We could use the WOF system to test the bikes – although of course they would not be able to do so on the road. So more problems.

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  1. I think the biggest problem with limiting by top speed is that it’s trivial to fit a top speed limiter to any vehicle, and it can still accelerate dangerously fast.

    “Sure officer, my turbo hayabusa is limited to 140km/h, it just gets there really really really fast.”


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