Tablecloth trick

A great video from the folks at BMW.

The takeover of once boring but always reliable BMW Motorad by horsepower crazy lunatics continues. These days BMW bikes (depending on the model) have almost too much power but still retain the core BMW values of sturdiness, practicality and safety.

All of the BMW’s that I have ridden have a certain laid back attitude – one that does not demand that you ride them like a crazy loon, but still that offers that ability if you wish to wield it.

If you’d like me to try this on your table using my portly BMW R1200GS Adventure then let me know. Results may differ.

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2 Responses to Tablecloth trick

  1. modsta says:

    We should do this on the Monkey, with your Adventure after we’ve had a few drinks …


  2. FR says:

    Wonder how many sets of dishes the practice runs took… ;-)


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