Temporary becomes permament

“The issue with credit cards cards has been around for 14 months” said another customer at ACC’s Victoria street car park today.
The issue is that the machines do not accept credit cards.
That’s not temporary and that’s not parking right.

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4 Responses to Temporary becomes permament

  1. CJ says:

    The reason is because the machines in the downtown carpark (also owned by ACC) where the common link in a large credit car fraud.

    The banks cancelled all credit cards that were used in the downtown carpark during a specific period. At least 5 people on my floor at work had funds fraudulently taken off their card.

    Better safe than sorry but they obviously dont have the money to update their machines.


  2. Dylan says:

    I had to borrow cash from a stranger to get out one night :( really sucked. Fix it!


  3. Steve Biddle says:

    The fraud issue was only detected in November last year and that was when credit card facilities were disabled.

    Because these machines can’t be easily modified to prevent skimming occuring in the future that are all being replaced. I recall reading in early March the Auckland City Council were awaiting the completion of the tender process to replace these machines.


  4. Scott says:

    This was the magic carpark that gave out free carparking for over 8 years*. Good to see they’re continuing their legacy of incompetency.

    * Not that I, or any of my friends ever utilised this failing.


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