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I have no idea what this unsolicited email is saying to me. I think these guys used to sell Apple products, and I think they are talking about training for those products, but I feel that they have jumped too far away from their roots with this effort.

The name YOOBEE disturbs me, something to do with the ALL CAPS, the unknown pronunciation of “yoo” and the way the logo and the way the logo typeface looks so different from the text typeface.

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  1. I have one too and suspect it’s mined off their service database with unfortunate wording:

    “You may have had great service from Renaissance Service”

    I might have done, but I doubt it and by the sounds of things so do they. I signed up anyway – will be interesting to see if they do anything with it. Didn’t someone open a “boutique” Mac store in Wellington some while ago?


  2. Yep, definitely spam in my book. I don’t believe I have ever been a direct service customer of Rennaisance. I’ve dropped Apple products into Ubertech a few times, and I think they went back to Reannaisance, but I am Ubertechs customer not theirs…implied consent doesn’t apply, even if you did accept that it extended from one brand to another spin off.


  3. I tryed getting help from Magnum Mac recently and I was transferred 4 times between “YooBee” and Magnum Mac.

    YOUBEE Might as well be called YOUBUY OR YOU_CONSUME_VIA_MIDDLE_MAN for all i care…

    Terrible name, probley thought up by some corporate executive who got lucky on a previous project and now thinks everything they make up is gold…

    Its kind of sad really…


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