Ultra Fast Broadband Will Render Telcos Irrelevant To End Users

“UFB will render Telcos irrelevant to end users”, and it’s time to have some fun debating that.

It’s a breakfast and debate, at the Westpac stadium and on the 30th November. Check it out and sign up by emailling events@ffxbusinessgroup.co.nz – it’s $45.

I’ll be on the Affirmative with the superb Vikram Kumar from InternetNZ, and our rigorous logic and rollicking rhetoric and will see off any threat from Alcatel Lucent’s Gabrielle Gauthy and Brett O’Reilly, who will be negating.

Clare Curran will introduce the debate in her inimitable style and Sarah Putt from ComputerWorld will Chair.

The audience just has to eat and try to stay awake during what promises to be a terse and dry discussion on the merits of competing fibre technologies.

Or not.



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