Pretty good education NZ

In an article in the NYTimes that focuses mainly on Shanghai’s stellar results we find a table, and in that table we find NZ’s education test results. This is the PISA test of 15 year olds. I’ve often said that NZ has a good average education, while the USA has a much wider distribution, and a lower average. This bears some of that out.

Obviously we’d be much better off further up the table, especially for mathematics.

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    1. Nope – but it’s one of several enablers for long term economic success. We still need to lift the standards, and starting with paying for performance would be good.


  1. for the person who posted last week re the cost of steel ,it realy depends where you go to buy it, galvinized is around £740 per metric ton and standard is around £650 per ton- hope this helps


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