How to be an Angel

This is exactly what Angel investors should be doing

No lengthy agonising, no distracting the team with over-indulgent due diligence and no inch thick documents and  negotiations through lawyers.

Simply find a great idea with a solid team and put the money on the table.

My ambition is to raise a fund to do this – making extraordinarily rapid funding decisions,  using  standard approaches to documents so that the teams can focus on building the business rather than raising money. I’m not allowed to ask for money for this without writing a proper prospectus however, and that is not going to happen until Pacific Fibre is financed.

Speaking of which – our Pacific Fibre investors have all acted like the Swedish chap in the video – making very rapid decisions and backing a strong business case and team. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Published by Lance Wiggs


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