Too much menu NZHerald

There are menus and then there is this ridiculous half page affair from NZHerald.
For people browsing by scrolling down with a touchpad or scrolling mouse the menu bloats out over the article text as the mouse pointer hits the menu bar.
It’s particularly annoying when the reader is using a relatively small screen, such as a netbook or Macbook Air.

The menu itself was not useful – I didn’t look at it until now. The bloated menu can be avoided by positioning the mouse above either the Home or Shopping tabs. Or by reading Stuff instead.

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  1. I’m afraid you’re going to have to get used to these mega-menus. Usability Guru Jakob Nielsen has recently moved them from his emerging trends to ‘they’ve arrived’.

    Even in 2009 mega-menus were showing good results.

    Direct feedback and monitored social media was overwhelmingly positive to the change, with a very small minority unhappy (mostly with the re-categorization of some sub-sections). It brings a lot more of the content forward and allows more editorial voice than the previous design.

    I think you’ll also find the menu doesn’t drop unless you hover your pointer over it, or drag it slowly. That timing can always be tweaked to require even more hover time before the menu pops, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue for most users.

    Hopefully the design improvements will grow on you.


    Eric Rowe


  2. In the comment above the menus are done in a better way: guiding the user in a simple effective way.

    I guess the concept is to help the visitor, since they havnt found what the wanted on the page, therfore covering the page content is no big deal.

    At the same time, the KISS priciple should be applied, after all works for Google and facebook (I am stil a fan on underlined links- dont make the user think!)

    My 2 cents….and Happy New Year



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