Family First Survey – the missing questions

You may or may not have seen the 2011 Family First survey (link borked) on Family Issues. It seems that not all of the answers were published, and I received the following from unnamed sources. If you come across any other missing questions then please post them into comments or send them through.

<update: It seems the original survey instrument has been removed – so just in case the answers disappear too here is a copy: Family First Survey (pdf)>

First -questions relating to survey sampling and the introduction of bias:

Next – the first draft, it seems, of some of the questions asked:

and also sent through were some questions about the questioners:

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9 replies on “Family First Survey – the missing questions”

  1. @Che

    I know their sample method.

    It was “Only count the answers that reflect our ideology, because obviously any answers that don’t are liberals/Satan trying to bias our Godly survey.”

    Also thanks for fixing the survey, Lance. This made me cry tears of pure joy.


  2. Lol Lance – awesome! bogus surveys that are not worth the pixels they are displayed with really just bring their whole ‘party’ into disrepute. Not that their ‘repute’ was that great to start with!


  3. Just about choked when I read the first couple of your *found* questions and thought they looked rather reasonable… then read further and realised a parody was at hand. Well played, sir.

    Brian Edwards has done a nice dissection of the questions and survey presentation here: If I read it right, they even used pictorials next to the questions to introduce further bias.

    The survey seems to be down now, so we can’t see it in its original form, but an invite page still exists on Bob Mccoskrie’s blog ( – looks open access and probably promoted in religious-right media. Brian Edwards says he had no problem filling it in multiple times. So… it appears there was no robust sampling methodology to speak of.


    1. Thanks for the heads up on the now missing survey – I’ve grabbed a copy (as has google etc.) of the results, just in case.

      The pictorials are truly shocking – but sadly unsurprising.



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