FlowerPower donates $5050 to Earthquake Fund

PowerKiwi’s FlowerPower has donated $5050 to the Government’s Christchurch Earthquake fund.

Like everyone we were shocked and dismayed at the devastation and loss, firstly to individuals and families and secondly to businesses and buildings in Canterbury.

We are also humbled and proud of Cantabrians, of New Zealanders, of those who were and are visiting here, and of people around the world who have all pitched in to help.

We wanted to do our bit, and while $5050 was a lot of money for us it just felt like the right thing to do.

The giving also reflects the reasons why we got into business – which were to help Powershop bring lower-priced, hassle-free power to Kiwis, and to do the right thing by New Zealanders and have fun while doing so. (That last bit may explain the strange amount – changed at the last moment from $5000 to $5050 for no reason in particular.)

Powershop themselves are contributing a lot as well. Powershop customers in the rest of the country had a price rise of about 1 cent on March 1st, as we entered the Autumn/Winter period, but Canterbury customers are still paying the old late summer price.  On Powershop prices go up and down through the year to reflect electricity energy cost changes, and Powershop are wearing the difference for Canterbury. Good for them. There are very real costs of generating, transmitting and administering power, so there isn’t much room to give without losing a lot of money.

Meanwhile clicking on the (now) red and black flower is a great way to join Powershop – as we will give you $50 of free power along the way.

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