Could NZ cope?

DDos Attacks, originally uploaded by LanceWiggs.

The largest denial of service attack year peaked at 100 Gbit/s. That’s more than the bandwidth usage out of NZ.

Chart Source: Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report 2010, Arbor Networks.

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8 Responses to Could NZ cope?

  1. AaronM says:

    Thats pretty scary.

    They could target one site in NZ and take out the whole countries international traffic!

    I wonder if it would affect domestic traffic?


  2. Ben Kepes says:

    Pacific Fibre – Giving you capacity for DDoS attacks, no matter what the scale ;-)


  3. Ben Kepes says:

    Sure thing – it was a cheap shot, I figure you weren’t going to take it personally…


  4. Linsay says:

    What really worries me is that fact that the 100 Gbps is only 1000 “fiber to the door” users. We’ll create our own DDoOT (Distributed Denial of Oversea Traffic)

    Fiber to the door speeds “100Mpbs downloads and 50Mbps uploads”

    Now thats a worry!!!


  5. Paul says:

    I guess we hope (being down the bottom of the world) we are not on the rader of anybody with the skills to do it. Sticking out head in the sand I know…..


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