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I just found out that this blog (and no doubt most others hosted on has a special iPad theme. This is what it looks like.

Cool. Thanks WordPress, and thanks @MichaelTurnerNZ for letting me know. WordPress’s post announcing the change was written on March 23. I’m so far behind the times it seems

However @rowsell points out that the format doesn’t quite work when browsing from within an application – like Twitter. Let’s see whether this becomes painful, and if so I’ll switch the feature off.

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  1. its good that apple has very quickly brought in the new ipad 2 after the almost failed iPad 1, which had many issues like overheating, incapable of reading in sunlight, and many other issues. Apple claims that they have solved such issues, but what i have seen is that they have not been able to address the over heating problem which i am having while using it……


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