UPLoad 2011 – new business based on fibre

UPLoad 2011 is this Tuesday.

It’s going to be a great event.

Graham Mitchell from Crown Fibre and Vikram Kumar from Internet NZ will set the scene. They will offer up a challenge and an opportunity.

The challenge is to come up with viable ideas for businesses that take advantage of the emergent fibre economy. The business could be infrastructure, home technology, content, a B2B play – anything. The best idea on the night wins $300 worth of food and drink. All of the great ideas offer a lot more – the chance to actually start the business and receive support from the group.

The opportunity is an impressive offer to help with your fibre-driven business from one of the industry players, but I’ll leave it to Graham and Vikram to reveal who and what. It’s not what you expect.

After the speeches, I’ll facilitate a session. While the beer and wine flows, we’ll break into groups and each group will answer a few simple questions that will help the group generate ideas for new businesses. (or bring their existing ideas) The groups will then rate their ideas, and flesh out the best on or two.We’ll then ask groups to present their ideas back to the room, and select a winner. We’d also like to see people commit to taking ideas further.

We expect to have a good mix of entrepreneurs, developers and technical folks, to see at least one start-up created and to have some fun along the way.

Sign up while you can – It’s free.
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Tuesday 17 May, 2011.
Location: Deloitte NZ, Level 16, 10 Brandon Street, Wellington
Twitter hash tag: #UPLoad2011

Published by Lance Wiggs