Minister Joyce’s five benefits of UFB

Speaking at TUANZ Telcoday11 Stephen Joyce said the time nigh  to move from focusing on building the pipes to delivering the benefits. His top five areas, which will be captured in a action plan titled “Benefits of Broadband”  are:

1: eEducation. 99.7% of students will have UFB access within 5 years. The Ministry of Education is putting together a plan for a national education network. Joyce says that not many understand how this will revolutionise how we deliver education. Students anyhwere in country that want to study a particular subject will have access to best teachers in NZ or even the world.
2: eGovt: NZG about to invest billions? (surely millions?) in this, trying to deliver better services for less. That means more government services will be delivered online. Well overdue.

3: eHealth – The best specialist advice and knowledge will be available to all. He mentioned that a benefit for emergency management could be the ability to takeover handsets in emergencies to deliver messages. There is a Health IT plan, but I suspect there is plenty more to come

4: eBusiness. Not just new dot coms, but also helping  rural businesses
5: eDevelopment – removing the tyranny of distance for provincial and rural areas, especially for Maori economic development.

These are good – and it is even better to see the Minister say the focus is coming to articulate and deliver the benefits.

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  1. These 5 scenarios have all been around for at least the last 10 years. – they’re not really innovative, and they’ll probably struggle for all the same reasons, which aren’t to do with bandwidth. The greatest hope is probably the consumerisation of IT into non Windows/Intel consumer devices, delivering business value at the front end, like the mainframe->PC revolution.


    1. I don’t think we are searching for a high level of innovation here – but for action. If we could get the Pt England school experience into every school then we’ll transform our country. That can work because the costs of computers and the cost of bandwidth have fallen sharply while and the digital experience of the newest teachers takes being online fro granted.


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