The surprising most popular email clients

I’m surprised by these results from Campaign Monitor, who track clients that open their emails.

Microsoft Outlook and Apple iOS/Mail have 27% of the market each, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail combine to have 28.7% and the rest is trivial.

Android mail is clearly not really working, despite Google bragging about the numbers of devices. Gmail is also a lot lower than I had thought.

But it’s Apple iOS devices and Apple Mail combining to be equal to Microsoft Outlook that provides the real surprise to me.

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10 replies on “The surprising most popular email clients”

  1. Aren’t these just the platforms with the least effective antispam? ;-)

    Also in the fine print: “The email client a person is using can only be detected if images are displayed. This can give an inflated weighting to email clients that display images by default, such as Outlook 2000 and the iPhone. It will also provide a lesser weighting to those that block images by default such as Gmail and Outlook 2007. ” Android email and the Android GMail client also don’t display images by default.


  2. I’ve done a similar analysis on client usage with various email campaigns and find various based on client profile. For example; An Industry Training Organisation has 47% Outlook, and 11% Apple. Medical Organisation;20% Outlook, 32% Apple (14% Iphone!), Arts org; 18% Outlook, 30% Apple, Mining; 60% Outlook, 9% Apple. Samples of 2,000.Quiet a range there


  3. As Dave pointed out, the devil is in the small print… That chart should be re-labelled: “Least Secure Email Clients”. :-)


  4. But aren’t Outlook and IOS used for checking Gmal or Hotmail, so their numbers are inflated…


  5. I use my iphone and ipad to check my gmail personal and at work we use gmail as well and have that setup – so 2 lots on same device – works perfectly – and really makes the apple bit meaningless as its not a email platform, just a tool to access it – should have Laptop or PC on this list as well it would be top of the list. .


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