No YooBee No

YooBee is a poor enough name, which I hear through the grapevine was given to the branding agency, BRR.
But how it must hurt when clients take your work and add other things to it. These are from the front of the Newmarket YooBee store.



Compare that to anything Apple, which if they ever build a store in Auckland, YooBee will compete with. Typically all they have on the outside of their stores is a giant Apple logo. Part of Apple’s magic is removing absolutely everything that has nothing to do with their product. It’s a brutally hard discipline to manage, but it pays off in our undivided attention to the thing they want us to focus on.

Published by Lance Wiggs


One reply on “No YooBee No”

  1. Yep Brian R Richards did the job.

    It took me a while to get it but I like the form of the letters. Whether they needed to go for an unusual name is another point altogether. Generally a differentiated name is good if you are in a market of competitors – YooBee is not. Perhaps they are future-proofing?

    Brands adding to signage after a job is complete is always the case. Expecting these guys to try and be like Apple is a bit much to ask I think.


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