Vizualize Me

I got a beta invite to today, which maps Linked In data onto a page – a visual resume if you will. Here’s the output (and below).

It’s interesting to see it all laid out graphically – for a start I spotted a number of mistakes which I will need to fix. It seems, for example, that I was simultaneously in the UK at the EBRD and in NZ at Mobil Oil. I was not. There are also gaps that denote periods of travel, which I need to fill.

It’s also fascinating to see the changes once I went out on my own. It seems I’m doing a lot these days. I’d like to see the directorships extracted from the other jobs though, or some way to show the share of time spent on each.

They have other styles to use, but these do things like replace the boxes with semi-circles, which while perhaps pretty are not useful.


Published by Lance Wiggs