Updating stats on data Caps in NZ

Stats NZ have released their latest ISP survey results.

We still have data caps, and they are still relatively low.

The results show that 1% of of homes and businesses have no caps, 2% have >50GB cap and 28% have 20-50 GB cap.

For comparison in the April-June 2011 quarter the average amount of data used (not the cap, but used) in Australia was 15.7 GB per month per fixed line subscriber. (47 GB over the 3 months).

I would argue that a cap of under 50 GB is not really broadband – but I tend to be a bit more demanding than most. Thus by my measure only 3% have a decent cap where they can use the internet without thinking about the consequences of data usage.

Those Australian 1 TB consumer plans are looking quite nice – I wish we had those here.

Published by Lance Wiggs